Hackers All Of Them Hackers (2015)

by dreamcrusher

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music by dreamcrusher
artwork by visual eips tm
photography by visual eips tm
lyrics and vocals by dreamcrusher
secret boyfriend (ryan martin) is featured as a co-writer on trapdoor and represents himself - hotreleases.bandcamp.com
released by fire talk records
recorded at nexus nectarine studios
c&p 2015 fire talk, dreamcrusher


released October 29, 2015



all rights reserved


dreamcrusher New York, New York

☥ NIHILIST QUEER REVOLT MUSIK ☥ #Genderqueer (they/them/their pronouns) #xvx #noisecore/#shitgaze BOOK/INQUIRE THROUGH BANDCAMP ONLY #dreamcrusher

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Track Name: Fear (And No Feeling)
it's in my head now
i can't breath now
is this the new way
with no feeling
there's no wave now
it's all blood now
you'll never come back
do it with feeling
it's just a trap now
dead in a wave now
we've got the fear now
and no feeling
new dawn awaits
there's too much blood
we've got the fear now
it's in my head now
i can't breath now
i see a new wave
a new feeling
Track Name: Adore
I adore you
a wormhole into hurt
It's you I adore
Track Name: All Covered In Red
into shreds
see through, see through
see through, see through
see through, see through
see through, see through
bludgeon them
become one
become one
Track Name: Vacuum
are you in to touch
lifeless bodies
fading into black
like my lust wanes
vacuum you fall in
like resin on skin
superfluous beings
washed into the night

dig into my flesh
intend to destroy
you leave my body in the cold

hackers in the night
flames of dissent
cavernous and raw
like orifices
bathe in my design
compelled to depend
you leave my body in the cold
Track Name: Trapdoor
into the dark see
i am always with you
open the trapdoor
and dive into the mirror
subtle lights transform
all you see is shadows
self imposed solitude
requesting no warmth
throw a knife in the mirror
reap all it's pain
there's a heart there, behind the trapdoor
it's long gone now, i barely remember it
pain is a tattoo, anonymously shaped
like my longing, it is fleeting
walking barefoot, on ice cold rocks
i'm isolated, and breathing stale air
open wounds, search for saline
i'm no longer here, i'm no longer here